Ready for change? Burnt out? Bored? Stressed?

Every day you daydream at work of doing something more. You know that you are capable of having, doing, and being more. You've been playing it small.

You have no idea where to start. Uncertainty, doubt, fear, or just feeling lost has left you in a career rut.

You want to feel financially secure, free, inspired, happy, and like you are living with purpose.

Every day you put off transitioning careers you are depriving yourself and the world of your unique talents, gifts, and purpose.

The world needs more people living joyfully and sharing their gifts through their work.


If you keep delaying taking the leap into a new career, you are going to run your physical and/or mental health into the ground.

You know in your soul that it is time to take the leap!

THRIVE is a step by step, high-value, and high-impact hybrid program. The course is self-paced and coaching services are available to meet your needs.

In this course you will:

🦋 *Gain clarity and tap into your life purpose and unique skills

*Get clear on what excites you and lights your soul on fire then learn to integrate it into your career path

🦋 *Shift your mindset for growth and confidence using high-performance hacks and hypnosis for change

🦋 *Create a real and actionable step by step plan to transition careers

*Learn the "next steps" needed

*Transform yourself into the best version of yourself

*Become the architect of your life and start living more aligned with your true self

THRIVE is a beautiful blend of practical coaching mixed with hypnosis, mindfulness techniques, and high-performance habits. You'll work through 4 key phases: assess, plan, build, and launch (transition). You'll have my full support and attention throughout the program.

Remember that action starts today!


This is the bread and butter of the course! Before we can build a strong foundation financially and professionally to help you transition, we need to assess your current skills, interests, connections, and uncover your purpose. Then together we create a high-quality transition plan.


This is where you actually build yourself up. You 2.0! You will build up your skills, make connections, try out new things, but more importantly build the confidence, attitude, and habits you need for success in your new career path.


This is where the leap happens, but it will feel more like a small smooth hop. After assessing, planning, and building you will seamlessly transition into your new career path with complete clarity, confidence, and courage. You will have full support along the way and throughout the transition.

Meet Your Coach

Three years ago, I decided to leave my tenured teaching position in the US and the world of fitness as a trainer and professional women's bodybuilding on a quest to find greater meaning in my life. My true passion and my purpose.

I sold my things. I took a year's sabbatical to study and get clarity on starting my Ph.D. I moved to Spain with my husband at the time.


Six months later, while living in Spain, it hit me like a ton of bricks. At 28, I was living a life out of alignment with myself. I was living a life far outside of what my heart wanted. It was negatively affecting my health and well-being (crippling anxiety, chest pains, stomach issues, body rashes).

My relationship, my friendships, my career choice, my life circumstances, my religion, my self-concept, EVERYTHING was created from damaged beliefs of unworthiness created in my childhood.

"Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world!"

People thought I was going insane. I was judged and criticized by the people closest to me. I was repeatedly told I'd never make it and being irrational.

I stayed the course. I knew I was transforming even, if it hadn't fully materialized yet.

In this pain, I kept pushing and applying the techniques I had learned as a coach and hypnotist. This was the true test of all. 

I kept my eye on my vision of my business and myself THRIVING.

I know with great conviction that all of my experiences that have led me here have empowered me to help women (just like myself) create the life of their dreams by gaining clarity, courage, and confidence.